User Training and Access
For users who anticipate making quite extensive use of an instrument, regardless of its physical location, training will be provided so that the user can work independently of NMR center staff. 
  • This training will be provided according to the training policies of the institution that physically hosts the spectrometer you are being trained on.
  • There will be an hourly fee for the time taken to train users.
  • NMR training from one consortium institution does not transfer to another because there are likely to be instrument- and location-specific issues.
  • After-hours access to an NMR facility will be provided only to users who have been trained and have demonstrated to NMR center staff that they are ready to work independently. 
  • In addition to receiving location-specific NMR training, users are expected to satisfy the host institutions' lab safety training requirements before working independently. NMR center staff can advise on the training requirements for their facilities.
For users who anticipate only occasional use, NMR center staff will perform the experiment for them. The user will be charged hourly rates for both spectrometer use and staff time.
Reservation of Instrument Time
The reservation of NMR time does not require a host-institution-issued ID. The NMR center managers will enable access to the host-institution-specific reservation systems once a user has been trained and has demonstrated a reasonable level of competence.
For experiments requiring a lot of time, users must consult with the NMR center manager to arrange for the needed instrument time. If the samples will be time sensitive, the consultation must take place before the samples are prepared.
Billing for Instrument Use
Each consortium member institution will use its own billing rates for users of its facilities.
The rates are independent of the user's home institution; all users are charged the same rates.
No overhead will be added to the billing.
Users of equipment that is located at institutions other their own will be invoiced for the services they have received.
Prompt payment is expected.