Bruker AVIII-HD 300 (Georgia Tech)

300 MHz two channel NMR spectrometer

for Solid State NMR

Bruker AVIII-HD 300 (Georgia Tech)
Bruker AVIII-HD 300 (Georgia Tech)
Available Probes: 
Double resonance MAS probe for 4 mm o.d. rotors. The maximum MAS speed is 15 kHz. Tuning range: 1H, 15N - 31P.  Variable temperature from -140 to 150 °C.
Static two channel probe. Tuning range:  1H, 15N - 31P. Variable Temperature from -80 to 200 °C.
Static one channel probe. Tuning range:  Inserts covering 12.5 - 125 MHz, especially suited for 2H. Variable temperature from -70 to 140 °C.
BCU II -80 °C temperature accessory for experiments at low temperatures.
Bruker topspin 3.5pl5
This instrument is capable of running all 1D, 2D and 3D NMR experiments.
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Instrument, after 8 hours of continuous use:


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*These rates only apply to personnel from consortium member institutions (Emory, Georgia Tech and Georgia State). Enquire for the charge rates if you are not from a consortium member institution.

Location - Georgia Tech

Room G143
901 Atlantic Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Contact - Georgia Tech

Leslie Gelbaum
Phone: (404) 894-4079
Johannes Leisen
Phone: (404) 894-9241