Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Georgia State University have joined to form the Atlanta NMR Consortium (ANMRC)

ANMRC aims to provide researchers at member institutions easy access to the NMR capabilities they need, regardless of where they are physically located. This approach enables efficient use of expensive resources.

Users of any specific piece of equipment are charged at the same rates, regardless of the home institution. After appropriate training, users can gain access to facilities so that they can independently run their own experiments.

The instruments available to the consortium have magnetic field strengths between 7 T (300 MHz) and 18.8 T (800 MHz). Solution and solid state multinuclear experiments are possible for most of the NMR-active nuclei. However, solid state NMR experiments are limited to a maximum field strength of 16.4 T (700 MHz). Diffusion and micro-imaging experiments are also possible.

Information on charging rates and points of contact are shown on the individual instrument pages.