Varian Mercury 300 (Georgia Tech)

300 MHz Two channel NMR spectrometer

Varian Mercury 300 (Georgia Tech)
Varian Mercury 300 (Georgia Tech)

This instrument is used only for short term 1D experiments. Although this is a broadband instrument, it is currently configured to run 1H and 13C experiments.

Available Probes: 
300 MHz 5 mm broadband probe for 1H and tunable from 15N to 31P.  Variable temperature from -150 to +150 °C.


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*These rates only apply to personnel from consortium member institutions (Emory, Georgia Tech and Georgia State). Enquire for the charge rates if you are not from a consortium member institution.

Location - Georgia Tech

Room G143
901 Atlantic Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Contact - Georgia Tech

Leslie Gelbaum
Phone: (404) 894-4079
Johannes Leisen
Phone: (404) 894-9241